The Man Who Never Was

by Julie Jurgens

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Old lyrics. Tonight I felt like improvising and created a new melody and musical setting for them.


peter was a lost boy
who thought that he could fly
but he kept wendy's thimble
til the day that he died

wendy was a child
who took all that she could
and peter would if she would
but he never would

we're just telling stories
before we say goodnight
we want a happy ending
before we're tucked in tight
some are tragic ballads
some have epic themes
and the farce disguised as romance
will haunt our dreams

alice was a rover
who couldn't stand still
no one's ever held her
and no one ever will

the white knight was a fool
who thought that she would fall
he thought she found him charming
but she didn't think that way at all


I am just a rambler
a storyteller by trade
and you are a character
I didn't realize that I'd made

I thought that you would ease me
I thought you would be true
but in the end it turned out
there was no such man as you

I was just telling stories
before I said goodnight
I wanted a happy ending
before we were tucked in tight
some were tragic ballads
and some had epic themes
but it's the farce disguised as romance
that haunts my dreams


released March 21, 2012




Julie Jurgens Chicago, Illinois

Julie Jurgens is a performing singer songwriter with a plaintive voice, sad songs, and a penchant for telling off color jokes.

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