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This is a song about my mother.


thirty two the same age that you were
when you became my mother ,dear
but I'm alone no place to call home
how I wish you were still here, still here

there's no rhyme and there's no reason
as time turns to another season
the good are gone and the bad get badder
my songs are sad and sadder

no baby mine with your smile
I think I'll go lay down for a while
no one to fight for, no one to fight with
no one to spend night after night with

he made a little girl a liar
took all she loved and it set it on fire
stole her dreams & took them apart
he even dismantled her little plastic heart

what makes us special makes us lonely
so many crowds no "one and only"
but if the choice is this or a fist to the face
I'll regard my empty bed as a state of grace

thirty two, the same age that you were
when you became my mother, dear
you suffered so to bring me glory
I'll do what I can to tell your story


released March 7, 2012
I did it all.




Julie Jurgens Chicago, Illinois

Julie Jurgens is a performing singer songwriter with a plaintive voice, sad songs, and a penchant for telling off color jokes.

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